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In this article, Adam Grenbird hypothesizes that the lines between product and service are becomingly increasingly broad. That we expect products to provide us with a service, or at least to fit within one, and when we get service, we expect some sort of product in the process. There are also products that solely provide a service, like the advent of self-service checkouts!

He makes an interesting point of the re-framing of User Experience to Experience Design, and that actually implies that more research and effort has gone into the end result. This might be an elaborate ruse, but it also hints that the industry as a whole is realizing that the interaction of design needs more… design.

Adam’s discussion on designing for one persona however is counter to what we learn at uni, and he points out that it creates a narrow view of the usefulness and end goal of your design. I’m inclined to agree, and I think the process of creating personas is not necessarily a very beneficial one, unless there is a large number of them, all with variation. This doesn’t rally help me now, but it’s an interesting thought going into 4th year and the lumps of research we have to undertake. It says: Assess the value, and if the value is high, then do it.

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